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Friday 30th April 2010, Katherine NT

Survival and Reproduction are the biggest and most important profit drivers in the northern cattle industry.

This sale will deliver you bulls and females that will assist in both. They are hardy cattle, born and bred under tough local conditions.

They are not hiding under an excessive and expensive force-feeding regime. Therefore you receive value for money and an animal fit and immediately suited for our harsh northern paddock conditions.

Account of:  Jim & Barbara Sullivan

Boran Cattle

Cave Creek Station, Mataranka NT

Ph: 08 8975 4330

Guest Vendor: The O’Brien Family

Coodardie Brahmans, Mataranka NT

Ph: 08 8975 4460

Selling Agent: Ray White Rural Katherine

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Sale Brochure

Boran Cattle

Coodardie Brahmans

Semen Test Results

Pedigree - Bull 1

Pedigree - Bull 2

Pedigree - Bull 3

Pedigree - Heifer 1

Pedigree - Heifer 2

Katherine Times 5/5/10

Media Release, Photos 14/4/10

40 Boran Cross Bulls

50 Boran Cross Heifers

40 Brahman Herd Bulls

3 Brahman Registered Bulls

50 Brahman Heifers

2 Brahman Registered Heifers

It is a pleasure that we can again give you the opportunity to buy our bulls and heifers at auction locally in the Northern Territory.

Thank you to Jim and Barbara for inviting us to join with them and Ray White Rural, in Katherine on Fri 30th April 2010 to present this special offering.

40 Brahman Herd Bulls

3 Brahman Registered Bulls

50 Brahman Heifers

2 Brahman Registered Heifers

We are listening to your concerns. As such we are here to meet the market and are offering  extreme value with minimum bids for all our bulls (yes, including Registered Bulls) at $1200, no reserve.

Offering you value and performance is important to us. All bulls are semen tested sound and fertility evaluated. Red and greys including some exceptional natural poll animals will make up the draft.

Temperament—first or last, where ever you want it, but nothing without it. Coodardie Brahmans are genetically quiet and with low stress stock handling techniques they remain so.   Nobody can afford to risk their safety and that of their staff and family with mad cattle. Temperament is highly heritable and so by using genetically quiet bulls the positive results can be seen instantly .

Thirty plus years of dedicated breeding of pure Brahmans whilst concentrating on temperament, fertility, structural soundness, carcass quality and adaptability for harsh northern conditions means that Coodardie can confidently offer you a high quality product that breeds true.

Visitors & Inspections Welcome

Affordable - Paddock condition Cattle - Buy the animal NOT the feed!

Fertility tested sound

Fit and ready to do well in your paddock

Bred in the North—For the North

Herd Improvers

Exceptional Value

Bids starting at $1200 for bulls

Heifers selling in lots of 5

Reds and greys

A percentage of Natural polls

Suitable for large scale operations or herd starters

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3R Cattle Auction
Reproduction + Reliability = Revenue
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