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Coodardie Brahmans is a stud and commercial Brahman cattle operation based at Numul Numul  and Coodardie Stations near Mataranka in the Northern Territory. Coodardie Brahmans is the trading name of Coodardie Pty Ltd which is owned and operated by the O’Brien family. In November 2001 the family sold their NT floodplain station, Carmor Plains, and moved their entire operation, which includes 3000 high quality Brahman cattle, to Numul Numul Station south east of Mataranka. It was at this time at which Coodardie Pty Ltd was formed. Prior to this the business traded as MJ & RS O’Brien. Numul Numul is leased from the local Numul Numul Aboriginal Corporation. In 2003, a smaller property, “Coodardie” was formed on the outskirts of Mataranka. It is the home of the core stud herd.
Core Business
Coodardie Brahman’s core business is providing Brahman herd bulls for breeding purposes to other stations across Northern Australia.  Each Coodardie Brahman bull is identified on the rump by the Coodardie brand – the Bent Arrow – and an individual identification number. Currently between 120 - 200 Coodardie bulls are sold each year to between 5 and 12 purchasers. Many of these are repeat buyers. All the bulls are sold in the paddock. These are usually private sales between the vendor and the purchaser. Sometimes agents are involved in the process. See our current offerings.
Stud History
Coodardie Brahman stud was formed in 1976 in north Queensland by Mike and Rory O’Brien (MJ and RS O’Brien). From modest beginnings the stud herd grew to a strength of in excess of 1500 registered breeding cows. This was boosted by the largest single stud purchase in Australia – 600 Cherokee stud cows at $3000 each in 1991. Coodardie led the way in single stud annual production sales in Charters Towers, north Queensland in 1991 to 1993, as well as holding their own sale in Katherine, Northern Territory in 1990. In 1993 the O’Briens sold their Queensland properties and moved to Carmor Plains Station, NT, taking with them 2500 head of their Coodardie Brahmans.