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Holistic Management
Overview by
Brian Marshall, Savory Institute
Professional Educator

Holistic Management represents the life work of Allan Savory with contributions from many other scientists and graziers.

It is a logical presentation of how environments function, particularly 'brittle-tending', seasonally erratic landscapes like much of Australia, and how important grazing animals can be to the health of the land. As land managers we have an opportunity to use this fundamentally new knowledge to reverse desertification, increase stocking rate, carrying capacity, and profitability. With evidence of climate change intensifying there is in fact an urgency to do this.

Holistic Management is a framework for decision making offering the most successful process for land management because it focuses on your 'unique whole situation' and offers comprehensive, long-term strategies for regeneration and management.

Unlike other approaches, Holistic Management begins with the establishment of a holistic context, how you see your family and business progressing. This context is based on the core values of the decision makers and how their land must be in the future to sustain those values. This is not a wish list, but a values based context that decisions are 'filtered' toward, considering social, financial and ecological soundness.

The cornerstones of managing holistically are Financial Planning, Grazing Planning, Land Planning and Biological Monitoring. By measuring all decisions within these four areas toward the holistic context, Holistic Management replaces fragmentary decision-making and short-term solutions with a process that is proven to work, and to produce the greatest returns.

Holistic Management incorporates more comprehensive strategic planning and financial planning, and more robust monitoring than other approaches to land management.

Allan Savory’s 4 Key Insights into Holistic Management
Allan Savory’s 4 Key Insights into Holistic Management