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Wed 16 May 2012

Bull & Female Auction

Something for everyone at

Coodardie cattle auction in Mataranka

“The professionalism of the sale day including the lead-up advertising and cataloguing of the animals are a credit to the vendors – Coodardie Brahmans,” stated by Bill South CEO of Mungoorbada Aboriginal Corporation of Robinson River, south of Borroloola.

The O’Brien Family of Numul Numul and Coodardie stations via Mataranka NT, held their second sole cattle auction at the Sport & Recreation Grounds in Mataranka with Ray White Livestock agents from Julia Creek in Qld.  There was a good role up of people on the day with most also participating in the Fertile and Functional Cattle Selection clinic prior to the auction. Participants were mainly private or family operators along with some government and other livestock agent personnel. The clinic was free, as was morning and afternoon tea and lunch thanks to the catering of the local Better Half Club ladies. Thank you to sponsors local NT MLA member for Stuart, Hon Karl Hampton, NAB Agribusiness Darwin, Classic Livestock Management Services (CLMS) and NT Member for Katherine, Willem Westra von Holthe for their assistance.

75 Purebred Coodardie Brahman bulls (reds and greys) and 70 commercial Coodardie Brahman females were offered in a quality line up of grass fed, genetically quiet cattle. All had been assessed on the CLMS system of looking at 28 fertility, functionality and meat traits – not EBV’s but similar end result – i.e. more information of genetic potential for the astute buyer.

Eight bid cards were registered on the day with 6 taking home purchases.

49 Bulls averaged $1630 with Bill Darcy of Battlin Pastoral Co from Borroloola region, paying a top price of $2700 for a grey polled bull – Lot # 42. Bill finished off the day with a total of 6 poll bulls for an average price of $2050 per head.  As a new buyer, the O’Brien family were very pleased to have Bill there and wish him well with his purchases.

Lot 13 was another grey polled bull that sold well to Brett & Suzanne Gill from Malilangwe on the Douglas Daly, for $2600. They also took home lot 74 for $1500.

Volume buyer was again the Mungoorbada Aboriginal Corporation from Robinson River who ended up with 24 bulls and 58 females. Their bulls averaged $1563 per head and their females averaged $582 per head.

Input of West Elsey were also repeat buyers who took home a good line of 12 bulls that averaged $1525 with a top of $1800 for Lot # 3, a nice dark grey poll bull.

Jane and Wade from Sturt Downs north of Mataranka were new buyers who took home a strong line of 5 bulls and 5 heifers. Bulls averaged $1500 per head and the females were PTIC and sold for $570 per head. Mike Early also took a pen of PTIC heifers at $660 each.

The 28 open heifers all sold to Robinson River for an average of $501 and a top of $660 for the last pen of 7 red heifers. PTIC females averaged $650 for 42 head with a top of $700 to Robinson River.

1. GRASS FED – QUALITY BRED Bull & Female Auction

Please mark your diaries: Wed 16th May 2012.  Coodardie Brahmans will once again be hosting our GRASS FED – QUALITY BRED Bull and Female Auction at the Mataranka Rodeo Grounds, Mataranka NT.

2. Functional & Fertile Cattle Selection Workshop

All animals have been assessed by Gerald Wyatt of Classic Livestock Management Services, grading them on their breeding and meat characteristics and genetic potential.

We are offering a free training session with Gerald Wednesday morning to learn more about this assessment system and how it can assist in improving your herd’s fertility and beef properties.   

There will be led display animals which people will be able to feel and on which Gerald will be able to show and demonstrate what he is looking for  when doing the assessments.

Everyone is welcome.

3. Full assessments and catalogue

The bulls will be semen tested sound. These full details are in the preliminary catalogue out now. The females will be drafted according to their pregnancy status, colour and age. These final details will be available in an updated sale day catalogue and online.

Electronic catalogue: (PDF file) FINAL Version (#3)  12/5/12

Part A  (9.4 Mb)            

Part B  (6.5Mb)

Hard copies are also available.

Please ask your agent or contact us directly. Thank you.

4. E-updates

We will keep you up-to-date electronically of further information,  details and photos. Please email me with SUBSCRIBE if you are not already receiving emails from  us and wish to.

5. Thank you to our Sponsors

The following people and businesses have assisted in making the sale and workshop possible. Our sincere thanks.  If you see them  at the Sale, say “Gday”.  

Visitors and inspections always welcome.

Give us a ring and call in.

6. Accommodation Options

Camping and amenities at Coodardie Station ............... Ph: 08-89754460

Camping and amenities at the Rodeo Grounds ............. Ph: 08-89754576

Mataranka Cabins ...................................................... Ph: 08-89754838

Mataranka Homestead or Pub......................................Ph: 08-89754544

Mataranka (Shell) Roadhouse...................................... Ph: 08-89754571

Territory Manor .......................................................... Ph: 08-89754516

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Further Auction Documents:



(as at 12/5/12)

PART A (9.4Mb)

PART B (6.5Mb)

Full Bull Assessments, including weight, as at 10/5/12

(Excell)  or  (PDF)

Full Bull - Linear Measurements

(Excell) or (PDF)



Country Hour: “Demand for Bulls stronger than last year” (16/5/12)

Media Release (4/5/12)

“Something for Everyone”

Country Hour:  “Bull sale to go ahead”  (3/2/12)

Willem Westra Van Holthe  MLA

CLP Member for Katherine

Karl Hampton MLA

ALP Member for Stuart

Wed 16 May, Mataranka Rodeo Grounds, NT

Selling Agents: Ray White Livestock, Bram Pollock 0747 647 030

Cattle Inspections
Morning Tea
FERTILE & FUNCTIONAL Cattle Selection Clinic
Classic Livestock System, Gerald Wyatt
Good Beginnnings Playgroup for the little ones
12 noon
Understanding & making the most of the assessments
Afternoon Tea
Cattle Inspections
Post sale drinks and dinner
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